Do you know the feeling when you just head out into nature? After a few kilometers you immediately know:
You just feel so calm, relaxed, and happy. You are at home outdoors

What do you do when you find yourself with 2 weeks to do whatever you want in late winter? Most people would follow the spring break crowd and book a ticket to the warm shores of Mexico for some fun in the sun and a couple of Coronas. But filmmaker Sebastian Linda decided to do the exact opposite for his new film At Home Outdoors.’
Linda grabbed a couple of his friends and they hit the road in a camper van that they actually painted along the way. The three-minute film follows the friends as they hike and ski in the falling snow, laughing and enjoying the incredible scenery that surrounds them. Until an unexpected event derails their adventure and the team gets a first-hand look at Canadian hospitality.
It’s no wonder why the film made the Vimeo Staff Picks selections within a day of its release. It’s a fun friend’s adventure story that is beautifully filmed and edited. And helps make a great argument to skip that Mexico ticket and rent a van and head to the Canadian Rockies instead.

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