Having cancer isn’t always the hard part. On top of managing your own fears and expectations, you feel obliged to wear a brave face for your loved ones


Delivering bad news with a mixture of dry science and irrational optimism becomes second nature… Dani brings such a conversation to life, as 30-year old Danielle Hernandez delivers her grim breast cancer prognosis to her mother Violeta. A story that’s as unique and personal as it is disturbingly universal. Using stop-motion animation, Dani shows us how a simple phone call can be a study of human courage, faith, and love.

Winner of Jury Award Best Animated Short at Palm Springs ShortFest & Mammoth Lakes Film Festival.

Jury Special Mention Documentary Short at New Orleans Film Festival.

Last week, we had had the chance to chat with Lizzy Hogenson, the talented animation director behind the acclaimed stop-motion short Dani, which centers on a young woman who calls her mother to tell her about her breast cancer diagnosis.

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