Make sure to watch with headphones and don’t play Animal Crossing late at night…

A horror short, created during quarantine, shows what torment awaits you when Tom Nook doesn’t get his Bells. You’ve been warned.
It’s the spooky season and that means nothing is safe, not even your happy little Animal Crossing: New Horizons island escapism. Not that Animal Crossing is a stranger to horror. Usually, it’s just a little more existential than this.

Don’t Peek is a six-minute short film created by Julian Terry, Alexander Anderson, and Katie C’etta (plus a collection of VFX and score people) with one little (but very fancy) camera. It may be short, but Don’t Peek will give you some quality if predictable, spooks. Check it out below:

Moral of the story: maybe opt for the hard reboot when supernatural beings start asking for assistance from within a video game. Also, turn on the damn lights.

This film is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, Nintendo or Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Your Switch probably isn’t possessed by the spirit of a malevolent, eldritch being. That’s just called Joy-Con drift (zing).

This is a non-profit film, Nightlight Motion Pictures is not affiliated with or endorsed by Nintendo or Animal Crossing.

Additional VFX by Narendra Kumar Moond, Shivani JIndal, Jatin Jindal Rajan Balana, Komal Rajput, Nagendra Moond, Nitasha, Tarun, manish.

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