A young pilot navigates the drama of regional drone racing as she attempts to qualify for the Canadian National Championships

Jasha Vincent
Kaylah Zander
Brad MacNeil
Victor MacNeil

Katayoon Yousefbigloo
Nate Holt
Ben Gulliver
Jaclyn McClements
Asami Tsukada
Marisa Holmes
Nick Short
Gideon Hay
Fiona Raven
Adhel Arop
Ignacio Romero
Kyle Isbelle
Ouro Collective
& More!

“The Right Traps”
Written & Performed by Aiden Ayers

“Prism Leaves”
Written by Malcom Biddle
Performed by Dada Plan

“Favorite T-Shirt”
Written & Performed by Boothman

“Don’t Become The Thing You Hated”
Written by Dan Bejar
Performed by Destroyer

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