“Who Dat” is the new single by Los Angeles producer Emmit Fenn who, over the past few years, has shown its versatility and vulnerability in its sound

Singer and also songwriter, he produced “bitches broken hearts” for Billie Eilish & “Untold” for Ry X acquiring an array of beautiful sounds for his own project.
With over 100 million streaming just on Spotify, Emmit’s new music video is a must-see! The artist says: “I was in New York for work, I was playing super groovy old house music and while I was listening I saw a pigeon just walking to the beat of the song. I had never seen anything so confident before. At that moment I wanted to be that pigeon. a lot of people think my music is about relationships or really emotional experiences but in reality, they’re usually about things like seeing a pigeon across the street and getting jealous of its confidence. I thought the only way to truly show people what the song was about was literally showing them what the song was about. So that’s what I did”.

Thanks to Alec Udell

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