FKA twigs have released the video for her MAGDALENE song “sad day.” The short film was directed by Hiro Murai, known for his work with Donald Glover on Atlanta and Guava Island

 as well as his videos for Earl Sweatshirt and others; this is his first music video since directing Childish Gambino’s “This Is America.” In the six-minute video, twigs engage in sword combat with Taking, a dancer she cast via social media; the pair zip around empty London streets before a finale that veers into surrealism. Watch it happen below.

music video
Music video by By Hiro Murai
“Everything I’ve previously done with my body, all the training, and dancing, has led to this point,” said twigs in a press release. Her swordsmanship is the result of three years’ training in the art of Wushu under the guidance of Master Wu of the Shaolin Wushu Centre, the release notes.

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