The piece focuses on the interconnectedness of all things, the micro and the macro, the outer and the inner universe

Connecting logical and emotional, individuals and society, art and audience, planet and galaxies, architecture and animation. Even though we often lose touch with the bigger picture, we are all part of a cosmic network. It’s only the false perception of the human mind that inner and outer are separated, causing confusion and misunderstanding in the world sometimes.
The piece is aiming to reopen the dialogue between the internal and external through a cinematic journey from the state of separation to the state of eternal openness. We aimed to draw from contemporary visionary art and architecture, sacred geometry, even physics and chemistry to turn the Palace of Parliament into a vibrant, endlessly beautiful scenery of our symbolic dialogue. Integrating the architectural characteristics of the facade into our artwork was also a key element in the concept, adding extra value to this conversation between artist and audience, the city and its citizens.

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