Anton Tammi astounds with this incredible, trippy journey through a side of New York rarely seen for JIL.

Part neon-noir, part analog-psychedelic-erotic trip. The clip tears through New York and melts into the subconscious with a dreamlike ooze. A chance meeting on a subway starts it off, while an infrared walk through a graveyard and a midnight motorbike ride is a couple of the vignettes here that don’t explicitly string together a narrative so much as evoke a feeling of a narrative eluding us. A confidently stylized and completely engrossing work, over the course of seven stirring minutes.



“The video was shot in 2016 during three consecutive days in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I wanted to do a film that looks and feels like New York but in my own way. It’s not too easy to find locations in this city that have already been seen in so many films and music videos… All the three members of the band JIL, are born and raised New Yorkers, so we location scouted together. JIL introduced me to some of these rarely seen spots of New York. Also, my biking around Brooklyn helped me to find interesting locations that I ended with the video.”


Special thanks for the support: Ida Gündoğdu, Aleksi Tammi & BRTHRCollaborators: Nasaseasons & Chemistry CreativeThank you: Bruce Smear, Pekko, Elisa Richardson, Fernando Souza Ramos, Casey Drogin, Waltteri Vanhanen, Jenna Lehmussaari, Oliver Evans, Janne Vartia, Cheryl Payne, Gregory Hayes, Doug Durant, Justin Derry, Jordan Hemingway, Denise Cheng, Naftali Beane Rutter, Lucas Millard, Ece Şahin, Jaana Anttila, Pekka Tammi, Mourad Belkeddar, Emily Rudge, Joel Jägerroos, Richard Conway & Bibi Andersson
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