Ashort time ago in a galaxy not-so far away (Yuma, Arizona) a young filmmaker called Joe Sill took to the sand dunes just outside the Mexican border and set out to make a short film set in one of the most worshipped and revered on-screen universes ever

Set in the world of Star Wars, Sill’s Kara builds on the impressive production values first witnessed in the young director’s 2013 short Expo and reinforces why we think he’s a filmmaker worth keeping an eye on.

Dean Amstutz, Mark Kinsey, Victor Silva, Marcus Holt, Milton Hunt, Rob Csorba
Stuart Loui, Carrie Ann Caranci,Barry Chan, Mark Edwards

501st Legion
Imperial Sands Garrison
Ian Cook
Lesley Farquhar
Felipe Irigoyen
Merry & Jerry McIntyre
Bill Engler
Eric Elmore
Robin Elmore
Stuart Cram
Alex Lubow
Champ Robinson
Brian Tran
U.S. Dept. of the Interior
Bureau of Land Mgmt.
James T Wulfgar
Wulfgar Weapons
El Centro Field Office
Star Wars Original SFX by Benn Burtt
Screen Actors Guild

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