An experimental short about a Japanese man who mysteriously wakes up inside of his phone and is forced to confront the destruction his addiction to technology has wreaked on his life

Man In Phone is a short film directed by Mackenzie Sheppard that describes a portrait of addiction to mobile devices (probably also to social networks) and how it affects a couple’s relationship. The short presents two main characters, an emphasis on an object and technology (could be read as a metamorphosis), and a strong internal conflict.

Staged inside a mobile phone and in urban locations, the short achieves its claustrophobic feeling and markedly subjective narration by employing close-ups, extreme close-ups, camera placement and narration from the POV of the man inside the phone (including synchronization of POV camera moves with those of the actor’s face), and frequent use of internal sounds (heavy breathing, etc.). The director also put special emphasis on transmitting a feeling of loss of control. For this, he employed sped up footage, fast editing, moving cameras and motion within the frame. Visual rhythm becomes so high at times that it is dizzying to the spectator. The expressive actor’s performance contributes to transmitting the concept of loss of control.

VOTD WINNER Video of the Day!
Official selection at Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia, Tokyo 2016.
Gold Screen Award at Young Director Award in Cannes 2016.

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