Watch this commercial in private. You are going to cry. You will want to hug your partner, parents, grandparents, children, …forever

A new digital platform, Memories, has added a feature called Future message, which allows users to send video, text, or audio messages to loved ones at any future date. The Monkeys has integrated that into a story about a young man and his grandpa. It packs a mighty, mighty punch. (Well done to Good Oil director, Curtis Hill.)

Memories Group chief executive officer, Tom Ainsworth, sees Future Messages as the next stage in the evolution of communicating with our descendants, and a way to honor our own legacies.

Commercial movie
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“In our culture, the bond between generations is less visible despite huge advances in technology. Future Messages aims to use technology to celebrate those ties and gives us the chance to connect with our loved ones at special moments in their lives and on the dates important to them.

“As someone who has lost his father not too long ago, a message from Dad would have meant a lot to me. I’m thankful this is a gift I can give my kids.”

The Monkeys Melbourne chief creative officer, Ant Keogh, added, “Death is always an incredibly sensitive topic, and even more so with this current situation we’re facing. We had to get this story right and we believe Curtis captured the perfect tone for this film which introduces the Memories’ Future Messages product feature to market.”

Commercial short film
The new work follows the launch commercial, also created by The Monkeys, which introduced the new platform as the better way to keep precious memories somewhere than in a shoebox.

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