“Sew Torn” is a tale of a seamstress, her thread, and a deal gone bad

If you ever wondered if a film can be both twee and bad ass, wonder no further. The answer is a resounding “yes” and it comes in the form of Freddy Macdonald’s Sew Torn.

A bizarre, yet compelling amalgamation of tones, Sew Torn is both dark and clever—a fun little ride that continually manages to surprise the viewer across it’s quick run-time. It’s also a perfect encapsulation of what I love about the short form in general: it engages instantly, keeps the viewer constantly guessing on where it’s going, and has a clever, satisfying conclusion. More to the point, it does this all in just six minutes with nary a line of dialogue.

Special Thanks:
Fox Searchlight
Rich Klubeck
Amanda Hymson
Brian Swardstrom
Barry Navidi

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