When artist Mac Premo was asked by WWF-UK and Do the Green Thing to show how creativity can encourage people to live a greener lifestyle, he partnered with Sanford Shapes to make skateboard decks out of upcycled material

When the prototype proved successful, the idea shifted from figuring out how to make skateboards out of trash to how to give them to kids who otherwise wouldn’t have skateboards.
Mac then made this film which shows the process and inspiration behind the first Bucket Board.

Partnering with the Chill Foundation, an organization that helps underserved youth build self-esteem and life skills through board sports, we provided a dozen bucket boards to Brooklyn Transition Center P373K. Chill piloted a workshop helping students to design and decorate their own boards. They then assembled them and learned how to skate.

For Earth Day 2015, we partnered with Stoked, an organization whose mission is to inspire teens who are the most vulnerable, to believe in themselves through action sports. We made forty bucket boards and gave twenty of them to Stoked kids in New York and twenty to Stoked kids in Los Angeles. Element generously supplied trucks and wheels.

Who we are

Adrianna Dufay and Mac Premo are a wife-husband creative team based in Brooklyn, New York. Together with Divya Gadangi and Pete Treiber, they spend their days making art, videos, and skateboards out of trash. Mac created the first Bucket Board with Don Sanford, a custom home builder and master skateboard maker (Sanford Shapes). Their boards are a blend of art, woodworking, and skateboarding.

Shot in Leucadia, Encinitas and Carlsbad, California on location at Sanford

Shapes (sanfordshapes.com)


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